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 7 - Prosvetljenje na ovom tamnom forumu... :)

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Broj poruka : 32
Godina : 30
Location : Sd Bg
Datum upisa : 19.11.2007

PočaljiNaslov: 7 - Prosvetljenje na ovom tamnom forumu... :)   Ned Mar 02, 2008 11:37 pm

One of tha hardcore rapers from tha so called "bgd" rap scene mc seven or Dr. Seven (like a producer).Him career starts 1994.Like a Jungle mc wid 11 years old he bought pentium 1, him was deep gone in industrial-urban samples and he decide wich way to use "mindswich" of musical extramegaturbofolk wave wich was on the top of tha shit bac then(him hated that tha most).Till 1998 he was building his own saund style workindeep in sub-base+live drumsets/jungle nature sounds +combined wid tha acoustic instruments.Becouse of political shit in state he decide to go a little more far then usual,to fuck that freaky fake system down by any means.Deisapointed by fake democratic goverment he's turnnin him soul to tha Rebellions 2 rap ,marijuana,gang from tha hood, chillin n pop tha cop asses in every verse way bac.In 1999-he meets Wikluh-sky and tha Hillcrew from tha Lekas studio SVRHABRDAZZALIVA-undergraund dirty sound shit.In 2000.he meets O.G.(Struka) and mc Loc (Bvana)former SupaHaus band that fallapart real soon,influenced by Cypress Hill sound everyone got a solo c. Mc-7 like Dnb mc in CODEX-crew(DJ PHASE,DJ TOXIC)from 2002 till 2006(and now) has a shot to show whut he knows in like 15 citys in clubs and fests.Some like: Nisomnia,Moj grad,dollar,akademija,gradilishte,krushevac,exile,barutana,SPENS....So he was a member of a cult dnb clubbing scene wid wikluh sky and Dj rahmanee way bac.Young and tallented producer and in same time mc was a part of many rap singles and music production for almoust every bg. famous artist like(Wikluh sky, Ajs nigrutin, Juice, Prti bg,lucca hejter,koyote).Today he is a direcor of a studio so called BADROOMREC®and he works in a publishing company Take it or leave it records. -Produced from 2002: BEZ ZLA 2002/BADROOMREC® L-ROCK THA L 2005/BADROOMREC® DEAD MAN SMOKIN2005/BADROOMREC® IHSMAEL&NAMELESS2006/BADROOMREC® MC-7 REALIZAM 2007/BADROOMREC®/Take it or leave it rec.

Mozda i prevedem... Malo kasnije... Very Happy
Sad kao zauzet... Smile
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7 - Prosvetljenje na ovom tamnom forumu... :)
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